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Data scraping services

Data scraping (or screen scraping) is a technique in which a computer program extracts data from the display output of another program. The program doing the scraping is called a screen scraper.

Alpheta Systems provides web scraping (data extraction) services of any level of complexity. You need scraping if you want:
  • get data from various web-sites and publish it on your own site or search engine;
  • collect information in storage for further analysis;
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We can scrape any kind of data:

  • news
  • real estate data
  • financial data
  • product pricing data
  • dating site data
  • auction data
  • recruiting and job data
  • and many others

Extracted data will be available for you in any format:

  • any database
  • MS Excel
  • CSV file
  • XML file
  • etc.
There are some kinds of using our data scraping service:
  • we deliver to customer extracted and structured data. It is suitable for one-time tasks. Service can be hosted on our side
  • we deliver to customized scraping software. It is suitable for periodical scraping. Service can be hosted on customer's side
We develop scraping solutions customized specially for a concrete task, so you can be sure our product will suit your requirements entirely.