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Data entry services

Data entry includes document processing, text recognition, correction of addresses, recognition of images, copy & paste service, directory submission, mail processing, Data Cleansing.
With the help of this service we edit manuscripts and recognized data, check each entry and put the data into database. We also specialize in such services as updating data on a regular basis for online products, checking the amount of product in stock, the price for each product, etc

Copy & paste services We'll give you a solution to the tedious task of copying and pasting large amounts of data. Trusting your tedious job to our experts allows you to focus on the rest of your corporate work.
Copy & Paste can be applied for processing addresses, CVs or information which needs to be copied between databases and applications.

Directory submission services
Directory Submission includes collecting addresses, names, phone numbers from such sources as White Papers or Yellow Pages.
Our company also provides registration of your website in Internet directories to improve the ranking of your site in search engines. This plays an important role in increasing traffic, and accordingly, increases your profit.

Data cleansing services
In the process of data cleansing we receive data for processing, detect and correct inconsistent and inaccurate data.